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Our Story

Roebling Liquors Roots

History has its appeal. And even though we’ve been on the same street since Prohibition ended, Anetta Klencner, Roebling Liquor’s newest owner, re-crafted Roebling Liquors to be a space for events, a resource for expert recommendations, and the kind of shop who lets you know your significant other already picked up a bottle of wine for dinner.

Local Distillers
red lipstick

About Roebling Name

Emily Roebling supervised the construction of the Brooklyn Bridge when her husband took ill and left the project. She spent a decade on site until its completion (all while actively supporting suffragists). 

We consider Roebling Liquors a bridge, too, connecting old Williamsburg appeal to new neighborhood perspectives. The Brooklyn Bridge had Emily, and we have our own powerhouse, Anetta, making sure our shop is just as iconic.

Meet Anetta

Anetta Klencner was born with creative energy, and trained by Chanel. So you can trust that her signature red lip is always impeccable and that Roebling Liquors will never feel stagnant. She embraces the evolving community because new perspectives are more bright and beautiful than a crisp prosecco. 

And her curiosity for new, local takes on classic spirits is as strong as the day she tried her first tipple of Dorothy Parker gin. She still raves about it.